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Cathie (AKA Cat) is a Colorado native from the Salida area. Her current stomping ground is in Northern Colorado, and her business K9 Wisdom has two locations in Loveland. She has been training dogs professionally for over 15 years and is a proud dog nerd! She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed, a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy, a graduate and Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College, a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and is a certified AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. In addition, Cathie is a Mentor Trainer for CATCH Academy, where she mentors aspiring dog trainers!
She believes dogs learn behaviors best with humane training methods. She values and believes in the power of relationship-based training and uses it as the core when working with clients and their K9 best friends. Knowing all dogs (and owners!) learn differently she uses training styles that work for the individual dog/owner team, setting every client up for success! She utilizes Mark and Reward based training as she feels this opens up the line of communication between owner and their canine sidekicks, all while speeding up learning!
Cathie has an enthusiastic devotion to keeping current on "all things dog". In doing so she is able to provide an unsurpassed training experience to her clients, while helping their four legged friends learn how to be well mannered and appropriate. She pursues ongoing continued education by attending seminars throughout the year and keeps current on all new canine literature.
Cat's main focus as a trainer is to help owners and their dogs create lasting bonds. She resonates with and strives to improve the lives of shelter dogs and dogs with behavior issues. Specializing in reactivity and dogs who lack confidence has given her a well rounded view of the canine world. Through her work with reactivity and aggression, Cat has created a well versed curriculum for dogs of all ages and struggles. In order to help her community reduce adoption returns, aggression and reactivity, Cat focuses strongly on teaching owners how to properly socialize their puppy!


What are others saying?


Lori Wiley

"I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Cathie to help with Fenn, a pit-mix dog I rescued. At one point I thought of returning him he had so many issues....but with her training, insight and the enrichment center he is a different dog. Thank you Cathie for making such a difference in his life as well as mine. I am eternally grateful."

K9 Coach Class

Dana Horne

"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Cathie! She is AMAZING with dogs with (any type) of behavioral issues! From a shy, under-socialized dog to an aggressive, reactive dog. Not only is she an amazing dog trainer, she is smart, funny, gracious and patient. On top of all this, she is an excellent communicator! In addition to being an AMAZING DOG TRAINER for K9 Wisdom, Cathie donates her time at the Animal House Rescue to coaching volunteers in helping the dogs there learn good behavioral skills so that they can become more adoptable! This is SO GRACIOUS and so important for these shelter dogs! I am fortunate enough to be one of her students and the skills Cathie has taught me will stay with me a long time! If you are in need of learning some dog training skills for your dog and teaching your dog GOOD BEHAVIOR you won't regret a minute of your time with Cathie!

Beyond Basics Class

Jamie Carpio Ballard

"I started taking by taking Beyond Basics with my mini Aussie (Lorek) recently. My husband and I could definitely see a difference in him throughout the classes. He’s more confident and focus’ more on us when we’re out and about. It was definitely a great experience for us. But it wasn’t until we saw we saw our dog sitter and she just couldn’t believe how much he’d changed in 6 weeks. He was calm and just plain wonderful straight away, without the little bit of crazy time he used to need before he’d adjust to guests. After that exchange, we decided to hop in and take Intermediate All Stars! And our new puppy (Doberman) is going to start puppy kindergarten in a couple weeks. We could not recommend K9 Wisdom enough!! Definitely worth every penny!"


Ken Merritt

" It has been 7 months today that we adopted our wonderful new Puppy Kipper and he is the Best. But as you might guess he was not just born that way. He's a puppy and it takes lots of hard work and training to develop good habits and manners and to build a loving relationship that will last a lifetime. Now I'm no dog trainer but I am so Blessed to have met the best in the Business! Cathie at K9 Wisdom and her incredible staff of Professional Trainers know how to train both the Puppies and their People. That's right there People. Your puppy can learn almost anything but it's their People that need the training too. Cathie and her staff are truly the best! They are incredibly knowledgeable, kind and caring animal lovers that work hard to train both the dog and their people so that the relationship is success for a lifetime!"